About CEEC

The Carlisle Early Education Center (CEEC) was started in 1964 by the YWCA as the Carlisle Day Care Center. Since its inception, the mission of the Center is to provide nurturing and stimulating learning experiences for children. Carlisle Early Education Center is a private, local, non-profit agency. CEEC is managed by a Board of Directors made up of Carlisle area citizens and parents of the children in the programs.

Our Philosophy

The Philosophy of CEEC is to incorporate learning into every aspect of the child’s day. CEEC believes in developing a positive self-image, developing qualities of independence, initiative, and motivation while encouraging children to develop self-control and self-discipline appropriate to their ages. CEEC provides a nurturing environment where children are exposed to the creative arts and a range of experiences in their community. These principles prepare children for the challenges they will face in elementary school as well as in life.

4-Star Rating

Increasing evidence has emerged to show that children’s learning opportunities in the years before kindergarten have an important effect on their performance in school and ultimately their ability to contribute to society as adults. Through the Office of Child Development and Early Learning, Pennsylvania is helping our children, families, teachers and communities reach their promise.

Keystone STARS rates child care programs from one to four STARS on things you care about (meets state regulations for safety, offers a kid-friendly atmosphere with good teachers that partner with you to help your child learn) so you can find the program that feels right for your family. Through this program and the STARS rating system, families know that as programs earn more STARS, they are providing higher quality early education for their child.

CEEC received a 4-Star Rating!


Life Changing Partnerships

Though families living below the poverty line have access to child care through Child Care Network, families making even a penny more than the minimum requirement qualify for nothing. The Carlisle Early Education Center recognizes this need and is grateful for the continued support of the United Way of Carlisle & Columbia County in helping these families who would not otherwise get assistance.

Carlisle Early Education Center
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